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Our Services

Design, Artwork, Proofreading, Editing and Printing

design, artwork and management of communication projects, including electronic documents (for Intranet postings, etc.)
proofreading and editing, including incorporation of changes for various versions or yearly updates, proofreading for consistency and style
review of proofs, printing and bindery operations for overall quality control
we support both Mac and PC platforms

Personalized Print Programming and Digital Printing

print programming – including data merges, charts and graphs
consolidation and comparison of multiple databases
graphic design for variable forms, charts and graphs, and incorporation of graphics


precise assembly and verification of personalized materials, including matches of multiple personalized pieces and multiple versions of generic pieces
tracking of all personalized pieces and ability to locate specific personalized pieces and make pulls at any time
mailing to homes, bulk shipments and local delivery to multiple locations

Planning, Coordination and Quality Control

detailed planning – including consultation, comprehensive planning and scheduling, and continual communication with all parties involved in the production of a project
on-site, hands-on quality control, including Anlyn team leaders and staff for quality control, verification and production